A Year in Review – 2016, a Rock Solid SARRC Championship Year

The 2016 racing season proved to be successful, but it was in contrast to previous years where the team constantly raced wheel-to-wheel together. The team competed together for the first couple of races, where each driver posted F1000 wins. However, the planned race schedule was jumbled as the #81 Stohr suffered an engine compartment fire. Lack of replacement parts sidelined Car 81 thru May as Tim Pierce pressed on through the schedule in Car 18 without any major issues. Each teammate ended up posting multiple F1000 race wins throughout the year, albeit individually. By October, Tim was in the SARRC points lead at the winner-take-all SARRC Invitational Championship at Roebling Road Raceway. Several F1000 drivers from Southeastern US were also qualified to attend the race. Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew brushed the coasts of Florida, Georgia and both Carolinas, so the race was cancelled. The overall F1000 race win tally for the Area 81 Racing team in 2016 was impressive. Tim posted 7 – F1000 Wins over the season, Richard posted 5 – F1000 Wins and Development Driver – Ryan Franklin won his 1st ever F1000 race. In the end, Tim was crowned the SARRC F1000 Champion!

Tim Pierce – Driver of Car 18 – “My crew and I were very fortunate to earn another championship. We had an unbelievable spring and the Firman RFR1000 performed beautifully. My intention was to run as many races as I could early and take some time off during the summer. The heat in Georgia and Charlotte in July & August is brutal on personnel and equipment. But, we were prepared to run the races if necessary to win the regular season points championship. This year the overall SARRC Champion was to be determined as the winner of the SIC, but it was my goal all along to win the regular season. Once the SIC was cancelled, the SARRC points totals were used to crown the champion.”

Richard Franklin – Driver of Car 81 – “The setback with the loose fuel line and engine compartment fire early in the year really made 2016 SARRC Season a challenge for me. I worked hard to get my Stohr F1000 back on track and back into the points, so I ran races which Tim did not need too. We were competitive, fast & consistent by the end of the year, and my car was back to being reliable as ever. However, the two DNF’s at the start of the year really hurt our chances in the SARRC point standings. I really enjoyed bringing my 26yr old son Ryan up to speed with the F1000. He drove beautifully and was cool under competitive pressure on his first race, which he won by nearly lapping the closest F1000 competitor. He stayed cool under pressure even with the heat from the engine fire!”

From the marketing standpoint, the team’s commercial website www.Area81Racing.com has received over 61,315 Page views to date. We have reached out and informed fans via popular social networks with over 200+ followers on Area 81 Racing’s Facebook, Twitter feeds, and YouTube Subscribers. Over 24,442+ viewers have visited the team’s YouTube page, featuring our exciting SCCA Open Wheel in-car videos.

As for the upcoming year, the Area 81 Racing 2017 Season Event Calendar will be published soon. One planned highlight will be racing at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy500 in Indianapolis, Indiana and the 54th Annual SCCA Runoffs. Throughout the 2017 season the team looks forward to many Race Wins, Podiums, and Championships!
Our success would not be possible without the support of our valued sponsors; Waterfall Security Solutions, The Franklin Agency, Briky Coolers and our Area 81 Racing crew and families. We value everyone’s support!

Tim Pierce – Team Principal Richard Franklin – Team Principal