April 22nd-23rd, 2012 – Waterfall / Area 81 Racing Team Earns Podium Finishes at SCCA Oak Tree National

It had been raining for 12 hours straight when we went out for the Sunday morning qualifying.  There was no way we were going to improve our time from the Friday qualifying session, but I wanted to get a feel for the car in the rain.  My visor immediately fogged up and there was a wall of water from the cars ahead.  I cracked my visor to clear the fog and got a face full of water.  Conditions and visibility deteriorated during the race and I was forced to back off.  The car handled great, but you can’t drive if you can’t see.

Richard Franklin – Saturday Race 1 – “The car felt great at the start and I passed a few cars on 1st lap.  Unfortunately, a 180 degree spin in the RollerCoaster/HogPen turns put me absolutely last in the field of 38 cars.  Despite this, I dug deep and passed 12 cars to finish 4th in class behind 2 experienced F1000 drivers and my teammate.  I was reasonably happy to break my personal track record during numerous laps in the race. Basically, I improved lap times by 1 + seconds each session throughout the weekend.  I’m becoming much more comfortable in the car & it’s braking ability.

For the Sunday’s Race 2, I mounted Goodyear rains on the car for first time for very wet qualifying session.  With steady rain, huge puddles and a fogging visor, it was diabolical……pretty bad conditions for racing. I had softened the shocks & added as much wing as I could, which really helped with traction.  At the start, it began raining even harder.  The visibility was deplorable with spray from 29 cars. As expected, the race was plagued by plenty of spins, yellows & emergency vehicles on track. I passed my teammate on lap 10 to finish in 3rd place behind a FB National Champion & another F1000 driver. Overall, I am very happy to earn my first SCCA National Podium!”

Check out Saturday’s Race 1 highlight video from the prospective of Area 81 Racing # 81 Stohr F1000 –>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prAUHj5PQRM&context=C481d04cADvjVQa1PpcFPzPGmMpEQCjeO512RTqqBg5vUUT3BE7Ow=

In only their 2nd SCCA National event, the Area 81 Racing team has gained some valuable experience.  They have earned their place on the podium and brought the cars home intact.  That’s the definition of racing success.

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