NEWS FLASH June 1, 2011

Area 81 Racing Team Driver Richard Franklin purchases a New Car # 81 (Scheduled for delivery October 1st 2011)

With Richards Orange # 81 on it’s way to New Zealand, Area 81 Racing will be fielding F1000 race cars from the two of the finest F1000 manufacturers in the world. Richard has purchased a Stohr F1000 scheduled for delivery October 1st, 2011.

Stohr F1000 Specs


The Stohr F1000 will be outfitted with a modern Suzuki 1000cc 180+ hp 4 cylinder 12000rpm bike engine. Standard equipment will include a Quaife differential, aluminum radiator, and large oil cooler.  6 speed transmission operated via a Paddle shifter located behind the Momo steering wheel. Installed optional equipment will be a Carbon Footbox Panel, Stainless Steel Headers.


The front and rear wings are made of high strength, pre-preg composite.  A rear diffuser gives maximum ground effect downforce. The entire body is made from the ultra-strong, ultra-light composite.  The rear wing will be equipped with an adjustable lower wing element.   The car will be painted gloss Black with White Wings and Orange accents, a signature color for car # 81.


Jongbloed Center-lock light-weight racing wheels will be mounted with Hoosier tires. Uprights are machined from billet aluminum, with steel sleeves installed for extra wheel bearing rigidity. Pushrod suspension is used on all 4 wheels, with a 1:1 motion ratio.


Car Weight 800lbs.  Wheelbase 99in.

Front Track 64in.  Rear Track 61in.