Area 81 Racing Team Crew Members

Crew Chief - Hawk Hibbs

Hawk Hibbs2008 NC Region SCCA “Crew Member of the Year” Award

Master Technician & Mentor - Brian Little

blittle_012007 NC Region SCCA Lifetime Achievement Award
10 Divisional Championships in CSR and 1 in DSR

Master Mechanic - Denis Schembri

Denis-SchembriDenis is an accomplished SCCA Road Racer in Spec Miata (SM) class

Data Analyst - Roger Franklin

Roger-FranklinRoger acts as Driver Coach & Data Analyst for Car # 81

Technical Director - Sid Goode

Sid GoodeSid helps our team with a clear focus on engineering & technical development. He is a graduate of BLSR (The Brian Little School of Racing)

Media Director - Ryan Franklin


Ryan performs professional-level photographic & video services and assists with the digital onboard cameras for our team. He acquired his SCCA Road Racing License in 2014 and is working his way up to a Test Driver role.

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